Gold Rate and Jewellery Shop in Doha, Qatar

Gold Rate and Jewellery Shop in Doha, Qatar

Haya Jewellery caters to the increasing number of glamorous elitists in Doha. Since the day Haya Jewellery came into being, we have established relationships with countless customers who have keen knowledge of the superior innovation and refinement of Switzerland, Germany Italy’s timeless jewelry and timepiece brands. Esteemed and renowned for our intricate craftsmanship, Haya Jewellery manufacturers truly create products that are exquisitely beautiful, with our heritage work being all about fine artistry. 

In addition to all these elements, we also take charge of our own workshop where only the best artisans and goldsmiths make use of the latest most modern avant garde machinery and piece together jewelry pieces with the highest level of expertise due to their many years of professional experience. Top-of-the-category accessories and ornaments which are customized and altered exactly to the client’s needs and provided specifications, we believe in providing you with quality products and only send out pieces from our workshop that are nothing short of perfection and exhibit the detailed work of our craftsmen.

If you need aid with the repairs and maintenance of our manufactured goods in case of any mishap or inconvenience, Haya Jewelry also has a service center that is manned by competent staff who can provide outstanding after-sales assistance and support for all your questions and queries.

Haya Jewellery has been adorning its customers with the finest diamond and gold jewelry range since early on in 1978. Bestowed with the expertise of making the precious products, our skilled craftsmanship has been handed down from one generation to the next. Our bijouterie are a result of conviction of continuous production.

Ever since the last four decades Haya Jewellery has distinguished itself in this business by its impeccable commitment to its consumers ‘ range, promotions and services and its commitment to its clientele. The company is well recognized all over Qatar for preserving the unique pieces of fine jewelry and diamonds of the highest quality. The brand has categorized their ranges as Traditional, Modern, Exclusive and High-end Jewelry with varying price ranges for our customer’s ease and affordability. Haya Jewellery , one of the leading Jewelry & Watches outlets in Qatar has been promoting the premium retail market, adopting the core values of legitimacy and loyalty since 1978.

If you are on the search for that one statement piece of your dreams or a unique pièce de resistance to add that extra oomph and finishing to your outfit, look no further for we here at Haya Jewellery solemnly swear that we will provide you with the best of the best. Ranging from the most luxurious and elaborate jewelry made out of high quality gold appropriate for your weddings and festivities to simpler more refined jewelry pieces that you can wear on a daily basis, Haya Jewellery has it all! You just name it.

Our handiwork and imported gold valuables are not merely just pieces of jewelry; but are manufactured with great love and care, each and every article that goes out of Haya Jewellery reflects traditions, culture and timeless memories for you and for the next generations to come. Give our outlet and showroom a visit, and then see for yourself which article you would like to bring back home from our stunning and extensive jewelry collection to cherish and flaunt.

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